About Our Company

The Wine Caterers started in 2012 and was developed by Monique Stinson, a two-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer. Her love for wine and desire to create a business geared around wine, education, fun, and a celebrity dynamic led to the conception and growth of The Wine Caterers brand.  The Wine caterers is a wine advocate, wine education, wine loving

atmosphere that promotes wines and champagnes from all over the world. The focus and vision of the company is to create a fun and accessible way to discover, learn, and earn money within the wine industry.


The secondary mission for The Wine Caterers is to create a fun approachable atmosphere around wine. Often time it is perceived that wine is for the high class, seen as unapproachable, and expensive. The Wine Caterers believes that there is a place for all wine consumers and wine enthusiasts within the wine industry.


Spearheading the wine industry in an exciting new way, the wine caterers' products include: Host@home, & M.O.V. These products are directly connecting consumers to wineries and vineyards for a unique and profitable relationship.

Adding celebrity and notable figures to the atmosphere, and creating red carpet events and memorable experiences is a continued focus for The Wine Caterers.

With more than five years of experience, we have put together quite a few custom wine tastings for Hollywood events, fashion events, charities, celebrity events, and everyday wine lovers. TWC is currently working on new and exciting features that will change your wine tasting experience.